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Plum Bunny Stationary Pack

Plum Bunny Stationary Pack

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Introducing the Plum Bunny Pack, a delightful collection of stationery items that will poof you away into a world of sweetness and charm! Where lavendar, fluffiness, kitties, and bunnies all come together in one cute pouch! 

Inside this Lavender Bunny pouch is:

- Bunny Hopscotch Multicolor Ballpoint Pen

- Lavender Kitty Push-Pull Eraser

- Sweet Vanilla Sticker pack

- Bunny Ears Post-It Notes

- Lilac Kitty Paw Pencil Sharpener 

- Grape Bunny Pencil Pack 6 PCS

- Pouty Kitty Post-It Notes Clipboard

- Plum Bunny Washi Tape 

- Purple Days Sticky Page Markers

- Lavender Lullaby Post-It Notes


Ships within 1-3 businesses days of the order being placed.

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